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Beth is a superbly talented singer in her own right and a wonderful teacher. She crafts lessons to suit the needs of the group and/or individual so that lessons are bespoke and at the same time incorporates methods to improve technique and encourages your unique voice. Beth is always sweet, positive, friendly and professional. I would highly recommend her as a coach.
— Katherine @ Famous4.15 Performing Arts & Agency
Our 9 year old son has special needs and social communication problems. He generally struggles with new people.

However, from the moment he met Beth he was so happy and relaxed. She manages to motivate him (not easy!) with her natural exuberance and amazing singing talent.

Beth is also so kind and patient and puts 100% effort into helping our son get the most from every minute of his lessons.

Her genuine warmth, positivity and praise has been an enormous boost to our son’s confidence.

Best of all - we have discovered through Beth that our gorgeous boy has a beautiful voice and he is so proud of himself.
— Nicola Van der Velde
Beth is an amazing singer, and she was a very welcome addition to the band. She was extremely reliable, learnt everything that was asked of her and was really popular with everyone as she is such a lovely person, but above all else she is a very talented individual.
— Jane McDonald
Beth has been my daughters singing teacher since summer 2017. During that time my daughter’s range, clarity and confidence have all improved dramatically. Beth is a very personable teacher who can inspire confidence. I would recommend Beth to anyone wishing to make the most of their voice; she has the knowledge, skill and patience to make a real difference. Beth really puts my daughter at ease and encourages her to sing and use her voice correctly. She is great at explaining vocal techniques. Beth has given my daughter the confidence she needed to be able to sing in public and enjoy it. Her lessons are always fun and constructive. She has been so kind and helpful, I feel she has become a friend as well as a great teacher.
— Mari-Ann Secker
Beth is a talented vocalist with a unique and engaging contemporary style that is evident both in performance and through her coaching, which inspires youngsters to express themselves and find their own voices.
— Selwyn Thompson, Director of Creative Arts, The Northumberland Church of England Academy